The Best Comic Readers For OS X and Windows

Since some of my most popular blog entries ever were on the topic of comic readers for digital comics stored in .CBZ and .CBR files, I thought I would return to the topic for an update. It has been a really long time since I wrote about it and with one exception I wouldn’t use what I talked about then, it has been completely replaced with much better programs for both Windows and the Mac.

Mac OS X

Simple Comic – This is my current go-to reader. It’s simple, it works, and I like the loupe feature where you can zoom in on details if you need to.

ComicBookLover – This is a new reader that I only discovered when I decided I should compile a new list of recommendations. It seems to have more in common with ComicRack on Windows in that both are ready to keep track of your entire collection of comics as well as do the display of comics for reading.


ComicRack – I would argue that this is still probably the best choice for Windows users. I recommended it in 2006 and it is still being actively worked on today. Lots of features and a very dedicated developer have produced a really nice piece of work.

CDisplayEx – An open source version of one of the first comic readers I used on Windows. I would generally encourage ComicRack instead, but if you’ve got your heart set on open source, this one looks OK.

… and as a bonus…


Comix – Comical was never all that good and apparently stalled back in 2006 so it’s good to see that there is a reader out there for Linux that was updated in 2009 (early in the year admittedly but then digital comics aren’t exactly changing constantly). Comix looks like it’s probably a reasonably good choice and it’s open source so there’s at least a chance that it will get updates if it needs them.

2 thoughts on “The Best Comic Readers For OS X and Windows

  1. Elia

    Have you tried YACReader ( is the best in my opinion (more than 120000 downloads). Multiplatform (windows, linux and mac), easy use, beautiful interface, great manager library, and the best comic reading experience.


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