Professor Layton And The Completed Game

As I’ve said before, the best feature of the Nintendo DS Lite is its adult-with-other-responsibilities friendly ability to pause a game at any point. But having a feature like that is only good if there are good games and I would call Professor Layton and the Curious Village one of those.

I really wasn’t sure if I would enjoy a game that was based upon completing puzzles, but by the time I finished it I had played for about 12 hours and completed approximately 100 out of the 120 or so puzzles that are available in the game and had definitely enjoyed it. It doesn’t seem like a tedious slog of solving one puzzle after another because it’s wrapped up in an adventure game where you travel from place to place, talk to other characters, search for hint coins, watch videos, etc. In other words there’s lots of meta-game on top of the puzzles so they don’t comprise the whole experience.

I didn’t end up going back to try and track down the last few puzzles I had missed once I finished the game. I definitely felt like it ended at the right time, because I didn’t end up burned out or wanting lots more. If you can, give this game a try and see if it’s for you.

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