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Google Posts The Last Of The Google I/O 2009 Sessions Online

There are lots of nifty conferences out there for software developers, JavaOne, Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Google I/O, etc. One of the best things about them is that many of them no longer treat all of the learning sessions and panel discussions held there as though they were treasure to be buried. Far more developers don’t get to attend these than do so sharing what the experts teach at the conference benefits everybody (including those who paid to go).

Here’s a link to the video of all of the sessions from Google’s recent Google I/O conference. There are sessions there on AJAX, Android, OpenSocial, GWT, and lots more. Soak up all you can.

Two Articles Worth Reading

Well worth reading:

What Makes Us Happy? The Atlantic (June 2009) 

Bamboozling Ourselves – A seven part series of blog entries over at the New York Times about the art forger Han van Meegeren. He produced paintings in the style of Vermeer during the second world war and sold them to Nazis all the way up to Hermann Göring.