Mac Software Christmas Bundles

It seems like everybody is doing Mac software bundles for Christmas. macZOT has this one running right now where you get 11 apps for $60. MacHeist just finished their Mac Giving Tree where they handed out a few apps for free and promoted some deals on inexpensive iPhone apps.
But if you’re still fairly new to the Mac, there’s a good chance that there’s excellent free software that you might not yet have downloaded and installed (or which you might like to bundle up as a gift for another new Mac owner). The Apple Blog put together a disk image plus lists of excellent software you could download and use to make a bundle of your own. I can definitely get behind some of their recommendations including VirtualBox (which just recently was upgraded to version 2.1 and handles running Ubuntu very nicely for me), Growl, HandBrake, Transmission, Adium, Firefox, OpenOffice, etc.
One app they missed though was Celestia. They do recommend Stellarium, but for me, the latest version of Celestia and its ability to take you on a high speed trip to anywhere in or out of our solar system is just amazing. Moving out to just outside the orbit of Ganymede and watching the inner moons zip back and forth around Jupiter when I speed up the simulation is just haunting.

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