Create A PBBG In Two Months Results

The contest to create a complete PBBG in two months has concluded and unfortunately Big Villain is just not ready yet. It’s a shame it wasn’t ready in time, but after about a month I was already getting pretty doubtful. It’s just too big a game for me to complete by myself in that timeframe with all the other stuff I have to do in my life. Nevertheless I’ve had a ton of fun working on it and absolutely nothing is going to stop me from completing it. I was working on the design of the site just last night to try and get it to something that doesn’t make your eyes bleed when you look at it. Hopefully by next week I’ll have accomplished that.

Anyway, some people did finish their games in the allotted time. Here are the final entries (though I’m not sure you can get into all of them yet, I think some authors were only planning on letting in the judges at this point):

I’m planning to take a look at each one I can and see what others were able to accomplish since October 11th when the contest started. I’m alternately impressed and disappointed with what I myself was able to accomplish in the same period of time. I figure I’ve got at least another six weeks or so of part time work before I’ll be ready for a beta of my game.

1 thought on “Create A PBBG In Two Months Results

  1. David

    Thanks for publicising my game, “Iron-Empire”. I’ve been working on it with a friend for a few weeks now and it’s a working prototype, although still in beta-testing. I decided to enter it into the BBG competition mainly as a good way to motivate me to work on it as a priority, I wouldn’t normally have made it “live” as there are still a lot of features I want to add to it. I’m pretty certain it has no chance of winning the competition, but at least it has helped to increase the speed of development.
    I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other games in the competition myself as I am a keen BBG player.


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