There’s A PBBG Contest And I’m In It

The Browser-Based Game Zone is holding a game contest. If you build a PBBG between now and December 11th, 2008 you could win a lot of promotion on various sites around the web. Because I already have one designed that I really need to get serious about, I’ve decided to enter the game Big Villain (designed by myself and Darin Clark) into the contest.
If you follow my blog for any reason at all, you know that I started rewriting a series of tutorials on building a PBBG from PHP into Ruby on Rails. I’ve been posting those tutorials over at the website and hopefully they will be helpful to others. For me it has been helpful because it forced me to improve my Ruby on Rails skills and the fact that I’m nearly done (I did an outline of the last few entries it would take me to catch up with Luke the other day) gives me a boost because it reinforces the idea that I can start a project and finish it.
Part of what I’m fighting here is my own nature. I design something I think is going to be fun to build and interesting to use (or play in this case). Then, I procrastinate… a lot. After all, if I never built it, I can still imagine how great it is, but if I build it and people don’t think it’s fun or I can’t get enough people to come to make it a success, that’s failure. And failure is completely different from never having tried. Eventually I come up with some other super cool new idea and I can abandon the old one in the name of pursuing the “better idea”.
So by saying, “I’m joining, I’m going to compete too,” I’m hoping that it will serve as motivation for me to not only start this seriously but finish it as well. I’ve got a deadline that I’ve got to meet and I’ve said publicly that I’m going to meet it. OK, enough self revelation, what’s the game?
You play as a mad scientist trying to take over the world. You gather parts for your world domination schemes, build lairs, hire minions and secret agents and launch operation after operation to build up your evil empire or defeat your opponents. None of this is ever taken very seriously though. When you first start out, your secret lair is your Mom’s basement. You can install death traps in your lair like sharks with friggin’ laser beams and you can secretly control quasi-legal companies like the RIAA and an inkjet ink manufacturer. The parts to world domination schemes are as varied as duct tape and a George Foreman Grill.
If I do it right, it’ll be a fun game to play with a healthy dose of the ridiculous.

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