The Most Popular Browser Games

Lately I’ve been very interested in persistent browser based games (PBBGs) and while I’ve been working on the tutorial for how to build one using Ruby on Rails (see this post for details), I’ve also been trying to learn more about different ones. So logically I wanted to play some of the most popular ones out there. Lists exist on site after site of “top ten”, “hot”, and “most popular” PBBGs but the problem is, each and every list on every site devoted to ranking them is different. Often completely different. It’s not hard to pick two so-called top sites and find that there’s not a single game in their top ten in common.
So I went to 14(!) different game ranking lists for PBBGs and wrote down the top ten at each site. Then I tallied up the results looking across all of them rather than just one site or another. Each and every site typically featured several obscure games not mentioned anywhere else but quite a few games kept popping up over and over again.
The following are ranked according to how many different top ten lists each appeared in. All the ones listed at the same rank appeared equally often and are in no particular order at all.
1st Place: Omerta
2nd Place: Eternal Duel, Crimson Moon
3rd Place: World of Dungeons, The Mobster Game
4th Place: Bulfleet, Tycoon Online, Tropical Terror, Earthly Endeavours, Rogue Vampires, Eternal Wars, Magic Duel Adventures
While hardly a scientific survey, I think it’s safe to say that this is a list of some of the most popular browser games on the Internet.

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