Google Picasa Coming To The Mac

So, it looks like Google is going to bring out Picasa for the Mac later this year. Yay. I’m glad. Now address some of the serious shortcomings in the software. Stuff that I blogged about back in June of 2006 like real handling of tags, multiple levels of rating image quality (i.e. not just “STAR”), better searching, custom cropping ratios (16×9 anyone), plugins, better movie handling, etc. Please. Otherwise I’ll end up stuck with iPhoto which has some good features and lots of UI stuff that just sucks (have fun printing!) and Picasa, with all its numerous flaws.
Someday I hope to have one of the high end packages like Lightroom or Aperture. That’s not going to happen anytime soon, and it does nothing for the vast majority of users who need a tool like this for all their pictures who aren’t going to sink a couple of hundred bucks in software to act as their digital shoebox.

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