MacHeist II

I mentioned a while back that I had bought a Mac. For the first few months of using the Mac I’ve contented myself with either freeware items, software development tools (which for Ruby on Rails and Java are free), and a small sprinkling of purchased software (e.g. Unison for Usenet newsreading).
But last year and again this year Mac software companies have come together to do a group sale of their software for a single purchase price at MacHeist. It increases their profile, it donates thousands of dollars to charity, and it gives you one hell of a bargain. This year you can buy no less than eleven different software titles for only $49. It included several I had already coveted, two of which both sold for $49 individually. That gives you an idea the kind of bargain we are talking about here.
All the software is regular licenses for you. You can upgrade it, etc. just as if you had purchased it directly from the vendor at full price.
Meanwhile I’m going to be playing with iStopMotion.

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