Is RubyStack A Ruby on Rails Solution For Macs, Windows, and Linux?

The other day I was lamenting the demise of Locomotive for the easy installation of Ruby on Rails for someone interested in starting a project with it. Windows still has InstantRails but your only solution for easy install on OS X was buying and installing the latest version of the operating system (Leopard).

But here comes another solution. BitNami has a project called RubyStack and it is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X running on either PowerPC or Intel chips. According to their readme, it installs:

  • Ruby 1.8.6
  • RubyGems 0.9.4
  • Rails 2.0.2
  • ImageMagick 6.3.5
  • Subversion 1.4.5
  • SQLite 3.5.1
  • MySQL 5.0.45
  • Apache 2.2.6
  • PHP 5.2.5
  • phpMyAdmin 2.11.2

Heck, that’s an even better collection of stuff than Locomotive offered. You’re ready to build most any kind of website with that collection. I’m about to install Leopard myself so it’s going to become kind of moot, but if you try it out and have good or bad experiences with it please leave a comment to this post so everybody knows how well it works.

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