– Funny 2.0

After a very long gestation period, version 2.0 of is finally ready. It’s a complete rewrite from scratch using Ruby on Rails and it’s quite an experience for me. I haven’t rolled out a new site (excluding this blog) since in 1999 and LOL is a big change because it’s very much a product of the Web 2.0 environment. Like YouTube for video or Digg for links, it’s all about you and the other users contributing the jokes and funny pictures and then voting to decide which ones are best.

There’s a huge list of changes and improvements due for the site in upcoming months as I try to make it easier for people to get what they want, understand what the site offers, and make it offer more fun stuff to do.

Expect to see:

  • A list of the top jokes
  • Commenting on the jokes
  • Creating of accounts just for (i.e. you won’t have to have an OpenID for the people who don’t want one)
  • Watching for jokes by friends or favorite people
  • Live preview as you enter a joke

I want to give a huge shout-out to Fipi Lele for all the ideas I stole and to all the sites from which I lifted one thing or another. Please know that while there’s hardly an original concept in there now (or in the list above), I have many ideas that I’m not revealing today that will be fun and different from what anybody else has.

Of course the best thing you can do is go visit LOL now and come back often. Vote on jokes, add your own, etc. But you can also help if you link to in your blog, from your MySpace, Facebook, etc. pages. Tell friends about it and share links with them when you find funny jokes or pictures.

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