I Switched

I’ve never owned a computer made by Apple in my life. I haven’t spent more than a few minutes playing with them since 1987 when I was acting as tech support for the Macs we had at Rice. Nevertheless, I have now dumped Windows in favor of Mac OS X.
I bought a 24″ 2.0Ghz iMac and I’m damn glad I did. I now have FreeBSD (i.e. Unix) under the hood rather than something “kinda like” an operating system and I’ve got a great looking and easy to use front end on top of it. Back in October of 2001 I said I would make my switch from Windows to Linux by October of 2006. Well, I was a year late and I had the wrong operating system. However, I did use Linux for an entire year from mid 2003-2004 in my first experiment with it. I learned that there was stuff I missed though, stuff that I became more dependent upon in later years rather than less.
I like to take photos and there’s just not a lot of mediocre photo software on Linux, much less good photo software. Also, I got my first iPod and became rather used to iTunes as my preferred software to deal with that. So I could have stayed on Windows, gone to Linux but given up software I wanted, or a third choice which was what I chose. The Mac offered all the software I was interested in and a better operating system. It also had the advantage of being very very well supported for Ruby on Rails and Java, better supported on Ruby on Rails than Windows is in fact.
After having used it for several weeks now, I can see that I clearly made the right choice.

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