Five Differences Is A Fun Diversion

It’s just a simple comparison between two images dressed up in Flash with automatic acknowledgment of the changes when you click on them and moving elements. But, it’s fun and it will take you a while to go through all the pictures and find five differences in each and every one of them: Five Differences
I hardly ever play any online games so the fact that I went all the way to the end on this one should tell you it was enjoyable and well done.

1 thought on “Five Differences Is A Fun Diversion

  1. wurp

    Yeah, I’ve been shocked at how good it is. I wasn’t expecting much from this fall line up, but I like PD and Chuck just fine.
    The only thing that gets my math geek pedantic nature on PD is that they always give those detailed ages of characters when things happen, and they often give statistically unlikely dates. Unlikely in that there is no “days” component, or no “months”, or no “minutes”, which is only a one in ~30, one in 12, or one in 60 chance respectively.


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