Pushing Daisies Is Very Good

I don’t see how they will be able to maintain the production values of the first episode but I’m not sure they really have to. On this show it’s really about the writing, the wonderful cast, the characters, and a concept that seems to allow them a lot of interesting places to go in the future.

I haven’t seen anything I’ve enjoyed this much from the first episode since Lost and Heroes. Look for the show on ABC Wednesday night. Unfortunately the first episode doesn’t seem to be available on their website. I hope they get it up soon. It is a really great pilot.

1 thought on “Pushing Daisies Is Very Good

  1. Trace Windham

    Agreed… this show has great potential. I wasn’t really looking for a new show to keep up with this season (Hero’s is about all I can handle right now), but this one looks like it may be worth the effort.


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