Harry Potter And The Moron With A Cameraphone

The world’s biggest dumbass has released Harry Potter early and he did it in a way that pretty much only helps those who want to spoil it for everybody and won’t help anyone who actually wants to read it protect themselves. There is a huge ZIP file (72.5M) with a photo of every two page spread in the book. Now, lest you think the results are readable, they aren’t. If you squint real hard you could probably make out what all the words in these low res photos are, but they are taken obliquely with a hand in the image holding the book open and the pages are way overexposed. So basically the idiots who want to scan through the book to figures out who dies and any other major spoilers are free to do so and start spreading them everywhere. Anyone who wants to read it will need to wait patiently for the printed edition or else risk blindness from trying to read this mess.

If you are wise you will be very very careful of where you go on the net in the next four days.

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