Phoenix Wright, My Chance To Be Perry Mason

I bought Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for Rockelle’s birthday thinking that she liked both games on the Nintendo DS Lite (esp. Animal Crossing) and she liked shows about lawyers (esp. Boston Legal). Add to that the fact that it’s one of the highest rated games for the DS and I thought I had a sure thing. I swear I didn’t buy it because I thought I would like it.
Unfortunately, it’s all about logic and figuring out that the witness just made a statement that contradicts some piece of evidence in a perhaps subtle way and it was a recipe for a game she didn’t like. Meanwhile, she continues to play complex puzzle games that would make me tear my hair out, so go figure. Anyway, when I saw it, I realized that it was my childhood ambition come true. When I was a little kid I watched Perry Mason like it was my job. When adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said lawyer. Years passed though, and I discovered that many lawyers weren’t exactly like Perry Mason. On the show Perry could not only free the innocent, he could investigate the crime and elicit a witness stand confession from the actual murderer. But in Phoenix Wright, you get to do exactly that! You get to question witnesses, raise objections, do some investigation, free the innocent, and even trap the real murderer in his or her web of lies.
The original version in Japan had four cases but when it was brought over to the US it was moved from an older version of the Gameboy to the DS. I guess they felt they had to have at least one case which used the touch screen and other capabilities of the DS so they added one new case. It’s definitely the weakest of the bunch though. They were caught up in gadget fever so they made sure you could spray Luminol spray to find blood, sprinkle powder and blow it off to find fingerprints, and even watch and rewind video to look for clues. Suddenly you’re Phoenix Wright: Crime Scene Investigator in the last case! Oh well, even though you kind of drown in evidence and the last case is overly complicated, the game would be fun even if all you got was the first four cases.
If you want to join in the fun, you can click here to buy Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney from and I receive tiny kickback from them. They also have the soon to be released sequel, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All available for pre-order.
If you find yourself getting stuck on one of the cases, be sure to consult the spoiler free walkthrough on this page for some help.

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