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I really enjoyed this animation. It’s kind of sweet and kind of sad.

The Picoo Z Micro Helicopter

Flying birthday gifts are the best birthday gifts. That thing hovering in front of me in the picture is the new Picoo Z micro helicopter. It’s an indoor only helicopter (any breeze would take it out completely) that is available online and from retailers like Radio Shack and Toys R Us if you are lucky enough to find one. Rockelle bought this one for me and for the first day or so I didn’t think it was ever going to do more than go up and down in place, but after reading a little bit more about how to adjust it at the Micro Helis forum at I got it balanced and now you can fly it around and have some real fun.
Like the micro RC cars from a couple of years ago, the remote control unit doubles as the charger for the helicopter. The Picoo Z can only run about 4-7 minutes on a charge which takes 20 minutes or so but you can still get in a lot of flying in a few days with that. This inexpensive, incredibly lightweight little heli costs under $40 (including controller). You supply the rechargeable batteries and you’re set to have lots of fun. Everybody who sees this wants to grab the controls and have a shot at it. Many RC people have purchased several and one popular thing seems to be cutting the foam off of them and altering the appearance of the copter in some way. Lots of the mods appear over at the PicooZtoolbox (Note: If you can’t reach it at first, wait a couple of hours and try again, it appears this site is running off someone’s home machine).
Although these are very durable, I have to confess that I have gone through two of the three included tail rotors and there is at present no US supplier for replacement parts. If you live in Germany you’re in luck, but here, not so much. So be reasonably careful with it and it’ll last for a lot of flying.