Board Games With Scott

In the past I’ve plugged the Democracy Player. It’s a little piece of software that acts kind of like a TV with specific channels of content. You subscribe to a channel and when someone posts new video to that channel the player uses Bittorrent to go and get it for you to watch whenever you feel like it. It’s the video equivalent to podcasting but it’s about where podcasting was a couple of years ago. There aren’t a lot of big name shows that everybody is watching yet.
While we’re waiting for the super popular channels, I’d like to throw in a quick plug for a cool channel that you should add if the subject interests you. It’s Board Games with Scott. Every couple of weeks he takes a new board game and reviews it. He lets you see the box and what is inside and then he describes who the game might appeal to before demonstrating what the actual play is like. I like it and I particularly like that he doesn’t have an obsessive focus for any one type of game. He’s done party games for groups, games for two. Games that take hours and games that take minutes. With what he tells you in a short show, you can immediately tell if the game is something that would interest you or the people you might play it with.
Here are a few examples of episodes he did which I found interesting: Board Games 101 Hoity Toity The Fury of Dracula GiftTRAP
He has a website, so you can download any of his shows from there if you don’t want to use the Democracy Player to get it. However, if you do, you get a couple of advantages. One is that Scott doesn’t pay as much for bandwidth. Bittorrent spreads out the uploading of a video file to everybody who has already downloaded it. So you get some from the main server but you may get just as much from other Democracy Player users who also grabbed that same show. Secondly, it comes to you automatically. You don’t have to remember to go get it. It’s just sitting there in the player when you look and you click to play.

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