Music Everywhere With The Saitek A250

Rockelle has wanted some way to play her music, all of which resides on her machine in iTunes, anywhere in the house and ideally out into the back yard when needed. In the past I had looked at solutions like the Squeezebox and Sonos. Sonos was very very expensive, and not really portable (which means we might have to deploy two or three across the house and moving outside would be impractical). Squeezebox was less expensive but like Sonos it seemed to be designed to be attached to an already existing sound system to piggyback on its amplifier and speakers. Again, that reduced portability and meant Rockelle couldn’t just take it anywhere she happened to be.
Then she spotted the Saitek A250 in a catalog and had me look into it. The reviews seemed solid and it was just over $100, a fantastic price compared to the other things we had looked at.
We’ve had it for many months now and I can tell you that Rockelle still raves about it. It’s trivially easy to connect to your PC because all it has on that end is a little USB dongle. No drivers have to be installed because it tells Windows that it is nothing more than some Bluetooth speakers and a remote Bluetooth keyboard. Windows already knows how to handle both of those so you don’t install anything and it works with anything that outputs sound, including websites that play music like Pandora as well as programs like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.
It’s small, light weight, and thus very portable. Since it includes its own wireless broadcast device you don’t have to have setup a wireless network for it to work. It has it’s own speakers and amplifier built in. It works off of wall current with the provided power cord and also for a lengthy period off of four AA batteries (we often use rechargables so it can go outside with us when we eat al fresco đŸ™‚
Sound is excellent and with programs that understand commands to go to the next song or previous song via keyboard commands, you can control them remotely. For example, when iTunes is playing you can hit “next” on the Saitek and it sends the same keyboard command for “next” that you see on those multimedia keyboards back to the machine. iTunes happily moves to the next song in the playlist.
Buy the Saitek from Amazon to support this weblog.

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