Amazon Thinks You’re A Sucker

Well, actually, not just Amazon thinks you’re a sucker. So do all the major TV networks and the MPAA as well. See, they’re all convinced that worthless services like the new Unbox Video are going to get you to pay just as much for a digital file that takes a long time to download, won’t play on your TV, and you can’t burn to a DVD as you would pay for the DVD of that same material!
Doesn’t that make perfect sense to you? Just plunk down $13.45 and get either:

  • Office Space – Special Edition with Flair on DVD and watch it on your TV or rip it using software to play on your iPod or other portable device. Watch deleted scenes, extras, etc. Even make a backup DVD you can put in your safety deposit box so you don’t lose $1000 worth of movies if your house burns.
  • Office Space – Next to Useless Edition and play it on one and only one PC (the one you downloaded it onto). You can also dump it to an approved portable device (translation, not an iPod, not anything that more than five people actually own).

Yes, it’s a hard decision. I’m sure sales will be brisk.

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