Sun Commits To Real Dates For Open Source Java

Why it isn’t the biggest boldest headline on every major tech website is beyond me, but Sun has apparently commited to open sourcing the Java compiler (the part that takes Java source code and spits out Java byte code for VMs to run) and the HotSpot VM (an excellent virtual machine with really nice optimization) by the end of the year. They will also be open sourcing the Java Micro Edition (popular on cell phones and other small devices) and almost all the rest of the Java Standard Edition stuff by the first half of next year.
Oh, there’s been talk about doing something for ages, but real action?!? Real dates with real pieces of software attached to the dates? Real dates that are in the near future?!? Wow! Simply WOW!
I’ve long argued that Sun was a company that did not get open source. Even though they had projects like NetBeans and OpenOffice, they frequently showed off a real ignorance of what we as Java users and they as Java owners stood to gain by making it all one big group effort. But when Jonathan Schwartz was put in as CEO there was a lot of talk about the fact that he did get it. Clearly the people who said that were right.
Expect Java’s already huge lead on .NET to become insurmountable, this will likely be the final nail in the coffin for that particular mistake. Also expect to see releases of Java come much more frequently as we get group effort from corporations with a vested interest in Java throwing resources at it (i.e. IBM, BEA, Google, etc.).
More details are available in this article: Sun expands open-source Java plan | Tech News on ZDNet

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