I Heart The Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS Lite is an incredible piece of hardware. Though, as always with console and handheld games it all comes down to the games. Fortunately the games seem to be excellent so far. Super Mario DS is the one I’ve been playing the most and it’s lots of fun. My son got his DS Lite first as a very late birthday present. His birthday was actually the second of June but the DS Lite wasn’t going to be available until the 11th. At first he wanted to just get a regular DS but I convinced him to hold out and wait for what seemed like it was going to be better based on the descriptions I had read.
Neither of us was prepared for just how much better it was than a regular DS. It’s smaller, much better looking (in fact, with it’s translucent white plastic it looks more like Apple designed it than Nintendo), it has better battery life (but I haven’t got an old one to compare it to), and the screen is much brighter than the old DS they had in the store.
That’s on top of an already excellent feature set of the DS itself. You’ve got a microphone for input (used in Nintendogs and WarioWare Touched!), wireless gameplay between units and for many games like Animal Crossing, Super Mariocart, etc. you can even play through your wireless router against other players on the Internet, two easy to view screens (did I mention they are bright), one of the screens doubles as a touch screen and that gets used in lots of games like Animal Crossing, WarioWare Touched!, and BrainAge.
But all of those features as cool as they are still would not have sold me on buying a DS Lite. I just don’t have as much time to play games as I did when I was much younger and it prevents me from picking up a game and putting hours into it the way I once did. But on the DS I can simply close the lid and it’ll hibernate.
It may not sound like much for those of you used to a laptop computer but handheld games and console games don’t normally do that. Most of the games for them seem to require that you reach a special save-point before you can save your game. When those save points are dozens of minutes or even hours apart it can be darn near impossible to game much in little 10 and 15 minute increments when they are available as they are for most adults. But close and hibernate? I can defintely do that, and it means that I can really enjoy gaming again as I haven’t been able to for a long time.
Game recommendations: Super Mario DS, Animal Crossing, there are lots of other fun ones but start with those and you won’t be disappointed.
P.S. There are rumors that you’ll be able to use your DS Lite as a controller for some Nintendo Wii games as well, giving you a touch screen interface to the game and two extra screens to display information that could be secret to each player. If so, that makes me just that much more enthused about the release of the Wii console.

1 thought on “I Heart The Nintendo DS Lite

  1. 3DS_accessories

    I absolutely loved Super Mario DS, but animal crossing really wasn’t my thing. I just love the versatility of the ds system, can’t wait to upgrade sometime next year.


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