All My Podcast Subscriptions

Same song, second verse. I’ve published all the RSS channels I subscribe to with my aggregator, here are all the podcasts (both audio and audio/video) I subscribe to in iTunes:

  • APM’s Marketplace
  • Bluegrass Radio Show
  • Diggnation w/ Kevin Rose & Alex Albrecht
  • in H.264 (Video)
  • Ebert & Roeper
  • FOO Casts: Podcasts from O’Reilly and Friends
  • Infected by Martin Sargent
  • Inside the Net
  • NOVA ScienceNOW
  • Photoshop TV (Video)
  • PodCheck Review
  • Rogue Syndicate
  • The Dawn and Drew Show!
  • The Java Posse
  • The Web 2.0 Show
  • this WEEK in TECH
  • What’s New Now

Sadly, iTunes doesn’t offer OPML export so I can’t offer all these in an easy to import form. You’ll have to search for them in iTunes or whatever your favorite podcast client is and subscribe to them one at a time. If anybody has a good idea for how to put links up here that would allow for quick subscriptions, please leave a comment and I’ll be quick to approve it.

1 thought on “All My Podcast Subscriptions

  1. Jeff Schuler

    iTunes will export podcast list in OPML (or XML):

    Right-click Podcasts
    choose Export Song List
    in the Save dialog, select from the dropdown your choice of exported Format


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