Paper Bookmarks

I like these little page corner bookmarks. They are easy to make and you could do some clever custom variations with little effort.
I printed some on 110lb. cardstock and while they seem nice and very durable, I think they might be more likely to fall off the corner of a page because they are so stiff and solid. In this case a flimsier paper alternative may be a better choice. I intend to manufacture some to see.
While I’m talking about paper I’d like to plug two more paper project related things. One is the awesome pair of scissors I use. They are made by Fiskars and you can see them in the photo. There is nothing unique about small bladed sharp scissors intended for cutting small projects, what sets these apart is that the handles are actually large enough for my hands. I don’t know who they intend most fine point scissors for, but they are positively medieval in their design for non-Lilliputian people. There is never any padding, just a tiny metal loop for you to squeeze a finger into and cut cut cut. I’ve used little detail scissors like that before for projects like the paper automata cupid but my beloved Fiskars would make that same experience faster and ten times less painful to do all over again.
The other thing I’d like to plug is Jaime Zollar’s Paper Forest. It’s a cool weblog devoted to paper automata, cardstock models, etc. with regular postings of neat projects. It might not be as complete as some of the link farms you see out there for paper projects but he makes up for it by highlighting some of the most interesting things and offering pictures of most everything he talks about.

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