Free Web Designs

When I needed a web design for my still uncompleted project Lunarcoast or for a couple of projects at work I turned to the site (Open Source Web Design) to find a design I liked that would hopefully look good, and would be well designed to use CSS for most of its formatting so I could change its look quickly to conform to the way I wanted it to look. I’m still happy with what I got there but the site has recently undergone an internal conflict between people running it. The result has been that it has been unavailable for some time and that’s really unfortunate. There are designs there for all kinds of web sites and people need what they are offering.
Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they worked out the conflict amicably but it has been resolved in a way that will allow people to once again get access to web designs. Just go to the new Open Web Design to find a new website which will be serving the same function and which seems to have all the old designs OSWD had. At the same time, OSWD itself has opened back up and is undergoing a makeover as well. Maybe we’ll all be lucky and the competition will produce two great sites for web design.

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