An Easy To Setup Instant Messenger Server

We were communicating confidential information back and forth between each other using an instant messenger which regularly sent messages outside the building to servers we didn’t control. To get it back to being an internal only thing, I setup Jive Software: Jive Messenger XMPP (Jabber) Server and had everybody connect to it with Jabber compatible clients like Gaim, Psi, and Trillian.
Setup was a breeze. I had it up and running in 30 minutes and was connecting our first machines to it. It has a nice admin console (accessible via browser) which I’ve barely had to use so far. It’s open source, it’s written in Java, it’s easy to setup, what’s not to like.
If you need instant messaging and you need to control your own server, I think you will be happy with this.

1 thought on “An Easy To Setup Instant Messenger Server

  1. JOshua Holmes

    I also have installed and tried JiveMessenger, and I think it’s a great program.. It was absolutely a breeze to install and get going!
    I am going to download the Developers Edition and see what I can modify!


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