Sci-Fi Update

In a totally expected move, the SciFi channel has renewed Battlestar Galactica for a third season. This was announced before season two has even concluded, indicating the level of satisfaction SciFi is feeling with the ratings of the acclaimed series.
In an unexpected move, the BBC has announced that they will be doing a spinoff series of Doctor Who called Torchwood. It will feature the character of Captain Jack who appeared in several episodes of the highly successful return of Doctor Who last year. Note: This is not the first time Doctor Who has spun off another series. K9 and Company appeared many decades ago but disappeared after only a few episodes. Hopefully this effort will be much better.
Lastly, a great show that not nearly enough of you are watching. Threshold will be making available three episodes for online viewing in the near future. When told of this, my wife thought exactly the same thing I did. “Great! People who aren’t already watching it can see the first three episodes and then they’ll see how cool it is and they can get into the story.” Well, unfortunately, that would be logical and TV channels don’t do logical. The episodes available for online viewing will be the third, as well as two upcoming episodes. So, right idea, wrong execution.
I don’t like to encourage people to break the law and downloading episodes of any of these shows is against the law (except for these three, seemingly randomly chosen, episodes of Threshold). But do what you can to find a way to get into these three series. The first season of Doctor Who is available on DVD, as is the Battlestar Galactica Mini-series (winner of a Hugo award) and the first season. Threshold isn’t on DVD yet as the first season is still running. Since it’s not sitting atop the ratings heap it’s tough to know at this point whether it will be renewed or not so waiting until a DVD set is released to attract new viewers seems short-sighted on CBS’s part.
In fact, there are a host of episodic series with a progressive storyline that depend on you watching every episode and watching them in order now. 24 is the one of the most obvious examples of this. Threshold and Galactica both have a couple of episodes you could skip but for the most part have a continuing story line that threads its way through almost every show. How do you enter into Lost or 24 late in the season when everybody starts raving about it if you didn’t get to watch from the start? Apple’s ability to download TV shows through iTunes is one way, but their selection is extremely limited at this time and if the various director, actor, studios, etc. get their way, I’m confident that the cost of downloading a single episode will either climb to $5/show or else stop altogether. I don’t know what to suggest, but I hope you find some way to get the existing episodes of these series and join in.

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