The Joy Of Sharing

I really love to take photos. I’m not terribly good at it, but I’m not terribly bad either. I do take a lot of photos when I get the opportunity though so that helps me get a good one every now and then. I try to share some of the best photos I take. If you look on the front page of you’ll see a link that says “My Pictures” and it will take you to stock.xchng where I give away as many as anybody wants to take.
My photos have literally been downloaded thousands of times at this point and I hope they will be downloaded many thousands more. I’ve gotten emails telling me that they went into web designs, t-shirts, the cover of a book of poetry and short stories, and even an advertising flyer. Those were only the ones people took the time to tell me about.
My friend Don Thorp takes photos too and he’s a much better photographer than I am. Here’s a really cool one of his photos:

He hasn’t put his photos on stock.xchng or iStockPhoto or anyplace else, they just sit on his website and still people find them and ask to use them. So far I think this particular photo was used for an illustration in a childrens book and is in a Korean biology book.
Total amount of money I’ve made so far from putting some photos up for money on iStockPhoto: Less than $2 (US). Total amount of satisfaction I’ve gotten from handing out almost 3,000 photos on stock.xchng: Way way way more.
Look around and ask yourself if you don’t have something that is worth sharing too.

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