NetBeans 5.0 Looks Like A Big Improvement

I watched this Flash based presentation on the NetBeans 5.0 Beta over at JavaLobby and I was very pleased. I used NetBeans for many years as my IDE for Java development and I only moved to Eclipse because it had things like refactoring that I just wasn’t getting from NetBeans.
NetBeans didn’t just go stagnant in the face of a superior product though. Quite the contrary. They’ve been frantically adding new features and refactoring to improve speed and usability. Overall, what I saw in the above presentation and the last one on NetBeans 4.0 (where they shifted to Ant for all project management, hear that Eclipse?) is very very encouraging. With this kind of serious competition between two free IDEs I feel very lucky to be doing Java work.
Without a doubt, between Java and all the open source libraries and servers and tools available for it, I am more productive within a given unit of time than I have ever been in the 18 years I’ve been doing software development.

1 thought on “NetBeans 5.0 Looks Like A Big Improvement

  1. huntch

    Thanks for the positive comments on NetBeans IDE 5.0. Let us know if you have specific suggestions on what we can do to further improve NetBeans.


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