Pardon Our Mess, We’re Working To Make Things Better For You

If you’ve ever been here before even a quick glance at the page will tell you that things look pretty darn different. That’s because I’ve upgraded to the very latest MovableType and I’m deathly sick of the old look for my website. I’ve had basically the same thing since I started it in 2001 and it’s gotten really old.
So, not only am I switching to a new version of the weblog software I use, I’m also updating pages and making improvements. One you might notice is that my reading list is not a page that I’m updating by hand anymore. Instead it directs you to my page on Reader2 where I’ll keep my reading list updated. My project pages are going to undergo a similar transformation because I’m planning to try using a program called Forrest to keep those pages up to date. In general, whereever I can use a program or a website to keep my site up to date, the more likely it will be that it will be current.

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