Monthly Archives: September 2005

Pardon Our Mess, We’re Working To Make Things Better For You

If you’ve ever been here before even a quick glance at the page will tell you that things look pretty darn different. That’s because I’ve upgraded to the very latest MovableType and I’m deathly sick of the old look for my website. I’ve had basically the same thing since I started it in 2001 and it’s gotten really old.
So, not only am I switching to a new version of the weblog software I use, I’m also updating pages and making improvements. One you might notice is that my reading list is not a page that I’m updating by hand anymore. Instead it directs you to my page on Reader2 where I’ll keep my reading list updated. My project pages are going to undergo a similar transformation because I’m planning to try using a program called Forrest to keep those pages up to date. In general, whereever I can use a program or a website to keep my site up to date, the more likely it will be that it will be current.

Java Eats Its Dead

I have the misfortune of working periodically on a legacy Java application which uses Java 1.1.8 (!!!) and BEA WebLogic 4.5. It was decided more than a year ago that trying to move this mess forward to a later version of Java and WebLogic was going to be as much trouble as simply rewriting it and trust me, it really needs to be written from scratch. The first attempt was a train wreck. Needless to say, this combination is a spectacular pain to work with because it lacks such niceties as the collection classes (a Java 1.2 thing), and it didn’t use Log4J, Ant, or pretty much any of the things a Java developer might consider part and parcel of any application today.
I was working on some new code for this mess last week and today and I wanted to write some unit tests for the code I was about to write (good little “test-first” developer that I am) and I realized that while it was easy to get the latest JUnit, that when I looked around the JUnit website I couldn’t even tell where I would get the older versions nor would I know which ones were compatible with older versions of Java when I did find them. In fact, scratching around various places I found that most Java library websites seem to forget about older versions of Java soon after they are gone. That doesn’t really mean that they are gone, but they might as well be.