Commentary Or Propaganda

Want to see what’s passing for commentary over at ZDNet these days (Ziff Davis is the parent of such well known magazines as PC Magazine). Check out John Caroll’s blog over there. Here’s a quick summary of some of his recent missives, “Isn’t DRM great?”, “Too much open source software is a bad thing”, and “Anti-trust, monopoly, surely you aren’t talking about us?”.
Hysterically funny. This is journalism now? ZDNet has seen fit to have a limited number of bloggers (fewer than 20) who they feature but this thing from a Microsoft employee makes the cut. Great choice there.
Here’s a particularly good example, “Okay, opponents of Microsoft will still hate us because we are the biggest and baddest boy on the block (and we rock).” Gosh, maybe they hate you because you’ve been ruled a monopoly that violated the law? Or maybe it’s because your company has been found in violation of the law several other times? Does Stac ring a bell? How about the whole Sun Java thing that resulted in $2B in settlement? Or, or, how about this, that Microsoft only recently re-discovered that their browser hasn’t been updated in years because they lost a significant amount of market share to a free competitor but until then they were perfectly happy to limp along with garbage that never was upgraded? Or, because they continue to charge thousands of dollars for the development tools required to develop software for their OS? Or any of fifty other reasons I can think of. WE ROCK?!? Substitute another word for rock there.
If Ziff-Davis wants to maintain a shred of credibility they need to dump this blog. If I were Steve Gillmor or John C. Dvorak I would insist on him being booted simply because being considered on the same level as this is damaging to ones reputation.

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