Word Of Mouth

Howdy friends and neighbors, and welcome to another hour of old time bluegrass music! Brought to you by The Bluegrass Preservation Society of Gassaway West Virginia. I’m your host Ewell Ferguson and my bluegrass kittycat Buster is here to man that sound board and push them buttons.

And thus begins another episode of one of my favorite podcasts. Every show is local musicians from the W. Virginia area recorded playing bluegrass songs both old and new. It’s a fun show and Ewell and Buster are naturals for the radio.
The only way people are going to find good podcasts is if we tell other people which ones we like and this is one I like. Give it a listen.

1 thought on “Word Of Mouth

  1. Ewell Ferguson

    John, Buster and me sure do appreciate the kind words you put into your posting. We think you are exactly correct about word of mouth. That is the best way to promote something you think other’s should listen to. Thanks for the kind words and you folks give a listen and see for yourself.
    Ewell & Buster

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