My First Podcast Is Posted

My podcast is going to be all about creating things and distributing them. I’ll talk about weblogs, podcasts, videocasts, and a lot more. The first show is lots and lots of commentary about recent podcasting news.
Just go to You can get the URL there to subscribe to future shows or just click on the MP3 file for the first show to see what you think.

1 thought on “My First Podcast Is Posted

  1. John Hattan

    Just because I’m a pontificating blowhard who enjoys sticking his nose where it’s not welcome, here are my comments on Show Number One. I’d have posted it on the podcast page, but it requires that I have some sort of account to comment, and I’m tired of signing up to sites every time I wanna visit.
    Quality was just fine. I listened to it using the method you described as “a shame”, namely clicking the link and listening to it with my little MP3 player program.
    Section one covers “RSS”, but I felt I didn’t know any more afterwards than before. Is it a file format specification? A file format? A way to make things tough to read in my browser?
    You said in the intro that you wanted to keep things technical, but it didn’t really happen. I heard some pontificating about the Way Things Ought To Be, but nothing that set me on fire technically. How is a “podcast” any different from me putting an MP3 file in my web-space? What is SOAP? How is a podcast reader different from an RSS reader?
    (okay, the SOAP thing probably doesn’t apply to your show, but I still wanna know what the hell it is)
    Relax a bit and you’ll do just fine. If the show keeps the promised technical bent and doesn’t constantly devolve into a buncha open-source creative-common workers of the world unite hippieism, I’ll keep tuning in, albeit in a shameful way 🙂
    Oh, and you need a guest co-host with a gift of gab who can keep things lively. I think I know just the guy. . .


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