Monthly Archives: June 2005

A MythTV Box Is Easier To Build Than Ever

The latest episode of the online tech TV show Systm is all about how to build your own personal video recorder based on the MythTV software. I had been wondering about how well the new combination distro that has both Knoppix and MythTV for easy installation works. This show will show you. Download it and enjoy.
The capture cards for video recording are below $100 and a slightly older PC can provide everything else you need to have a Tivo like unit with lots more capabilities than any existing digital video recorder.

My First Podcast Is Posted

My podcast is going to be all about creating things and distributing them. I’ll talk about weblogs, podcasts, videocasts, and a lot more. The first show is lots and lots of commentary about recent podcasting news.
Just go to You can get the URL there to subscribe to future shows or just click on the MP3 file for the first show to see what you think.