G4TV Sucks, Let Me Count The Ways

It might be a little harsh in a couple of cases, but for the most part this review of G4TV (nee G4/TechTV) programming is spot on: G4 What Art Thou?.
I might watch 30 minutes or so of the network a week, and it’s a tech and gaming network. If I, a tech and gaming oriented kind of guy, am completely uninterested in your programming, how much lifespan do you have?

1 thought on “G4TV Sucks, Let Me Count The Ways

  1. Randy

    I definitely agree with this one. Ever since G4 took over TechTV, it just hasn’t been the same. I occasionally look to see what’s on, but usually end up changing the channel out of absolute boredom.
    I’m actually surprised the channel has lasted a year…

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