G4TV Sucks, Let Me Count The Ways

It might be a little harsh in a couple of cases, but for the most part this review of G4TV (nee G4/TechTV) programming is spot on: G4 What Art Thou?.
I might watch 30 minutes or so of the network a week, and it’s a tech and gaming network. If I, a tech and gaming oriented kind of guy, am completely uninterested in your programming, how much lifespan do you have?


One thought on “G4TV Sucks, Let Me Count The Ways

  1. Randy

    I definitely agree with this one. Ever since G4 took over TechTV, it just hasn’t been the same. I occasionally look to see what’s on, but usually end up changing the channel out of absolute boredom.
    I’m actually surprised the channel has lasted a year…

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