The ScreenSavers That Never Was

If you were a fan of the old TechTV show The ScreenSavers, head right over to Leo Laporte’s weblog to download the MP3 for the first episode of his podcast The Revenge of the Bleep. Bleep in this case stands in for “ScreenSavers”, something that Leo can’t really say because he’s no longer doing his TechTV gig. But that didn’t stop him from getting together with Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, and Robert Heron (you may remember him as one of the best lab guys from the old days) to record a podcast about tech stuff. Very very cool. At the end they start talking about crazy ways they could do video or a new TV show and I really would love to see that.
G4 (and what is left of TechTV) doesn’t really hold much interest for me anymore. The “tech” seems to have left the house and what is left isn’t even particularly entertaining. A new show with these guys would be great.
BTW Leo, you missed one place where you said ScreenSavers 🙂

1 thought on “The ScreenSavers That Never Was

  1. SDMikeT

    I feel exactly the same. Never watch G4. Loved The Screen Savers. I guess they got more of the under 30 crowd and lost most of the over 30s. I suspect the economic trade was poor.

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