A New Direction In Videogames

The creator of the most popular video game ever is back with yet another radical design for a new game.
Back when Will Wright was first showing off The Sims everybody who got to see it was clearly amazed. They had never seen anything like it and their ability to describe it in PC game magazines wasn’t exactly stellar. Nevertheless you quickly got the idea that it was something you might want to keep an eye out for.
Now this article talks about an entirely new game he’s been working on and it sounds very different from anything else out there. GameSpy: Will Wright Presents Spore… and a New Way to Think About Games covers his talk about his new game and offers several screenshots of what it looks like and descriptions of what the gameplay may be like. Just as with The Sims, the description seems to be lacking, but maybe, as with The Sims, we just haven’t seen anything like this before and we aren’t quite sure how to talk about it yet.