Four Years

It was four years ago today that I did the first weblog entry here. At the time I was investigating an online service called Blogger because it seemed to be a competitor to the ZWNews software which Don Thorp and I were selling.
It turned out that it was and it wasn’t a competitor. Blogger offered itself as a service and it seemed to be being adopted by individuals who wanted to write about things personal to them. ZWNews was software you had to install and it was marketed towards businesses needing easy maintenance of news on the front page of a company site. Long after I stopped trying to compare the two and accepted that there was very little interest in ZWNews I was still maintaining a weblog.
I’m looking forward to another four years of writing. I frankly cannot understand those who get started on this and then stop. Even if no one much is reading it, you’re always writing about something that interests you. It’s the house organ and it plays the house’s favorite songs. Write about what you care about and let an audience find you.