Picasa 2 Is Not Perfect But You Probably Want It Anyway

Picasa 2 is a new version of the photo organizing/editing/viewing/etc. application that Google purchased. Why Google chose to buy software like that might be a question for you, it is certainly one for me and and I have no answer. Perhaps it was a bargain with the rebate that they had to send in.
It is available for free download (like Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 Starter Edition), quickly loads all your photos and will easily add more as you take them. It offers good printing options, ordering prints from services, etc. Again, all like Photoshop Album 2.0 SE. I don’t think it has tagging of images with their content that is of the same caliber as Photoshop Album’s free edition but it can do labeling. It more than makes up for sub-par labeling by including the ability to back up your photos. Adobe saw fit to remove that feature to encourage people to upgrade to their commercial product. Unfortunately, if your pictures are important to you, it makes using Photoshop Album a gamble unless you want to buy it. It was a bad move and definitely a callous one, but a not atypical one for Adobe.
As a result of the huge improvements in Picasa though, I’m definitely encouraging everybody who doesn’t have a good photo storage/cataloging/printing/etc. application right now to go download Picasa and use it. If you are already using Photoshop Album Starter Edition, switch to Picasa instead.