Monthly Archives: January 2005

Adobe Notices Elephant In Living Room

After leaving Linux users for years with only Acrobat Reader 5.0 and finding that the open source substitutes were actually becoming more popular than it’s old, broken, half-assed port, Adobe has decided to get with the program. Adobe now has a beta program you can sign up for to get an early copy of their Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0. This really needs to be a big improvement over 5.0 on Linux for them to succeed.
Windows Media Player is probably never going to see a port, but Quicktime, that needs to come next.

Manning Has A Clue, Then Loses It

I was buying a book online. This one in fact: Lucene in Action and I thought that while I was at it I would check out what other titles Manning might be offering. I purchased an ebook of a Struts title from them a while back because I could get it immediately and because it was a simple PDF. No stupid site I have to access it through (raise your hand Safari/O’Reilly) and no *&#*ing “digital rights management” (DRM). DRM is a code-word for, “All the rights for us, none for you. But you can still pay us the same or more. OK?”
Unfortunately, the first book I looked at was another Struts title from Manning and it included this wonderful tidbit…”Ebook edition not available. (Due to excessive piracy of this type of book,
we will release it as an ebook when a new ebook protection mechanism becomes available in the coming months.)”
I have a better idea Manning. Don’t bother. I cancelled my Safari subscription and I don’t think I’m likely to start it up again. I’m not going to download any ebooks from you if they are crippled in any way. So you can save yourself time on looking for the DRM technology and just simply cease putting out books in ebook form at all.