Monthly Archives: December 2004

Calendar Synergy

Sometimes stuff just kind of comes together. Yesterday I was lamenting the fact that I don’t have a calendar/to-do system that I’m really that happy with so I decided that I’d try the Mozilla Sunbird project. After all, I love Firefox for web browsing, let’s see what else they can do. I was very happy with it, it’s simple and it was quite simply to import a calendar file with US holidays and just pick and choose the ones I wanted put on my calendar. Simple and straight-forward.
While I was looking at it I noticed that it has the ability to work with remote calendars and for you to even share your own calendar and work with it from multiple places using WebDAV if you have a server that supports that. Again cool.
Then later, after a conversation with Don about project management I remembered the application service provider Basecamp. I had been meaning to try out their project management software to see if it worked well. Yes, you can go get project management software and install it on a server somewhere for free, that doesn’t mean it is necessarily the best thing to do nor what you want to do. I am perfectly willing to pay for a service if it really gets me something. Basecamp offers a variety of service levels at different fees so I tried their free account. It only allows for one project but it would be good enough to try out. Since it is all about projects, it naturally has a lot of stuff related to… calendars. And interestingly enough it even has iCalendar format calendars of tasks to be performed which you can subscribe to remotely. Hmm, would Sunbird hook up to that? Yes, indeed, you can add it as a remote calendar to Sunbird and you can connect your project administration to your desktop calendar. I like that…