New Red Hat Magazine/Gearing Up For Fedora Core 3

I like this new online Red Hat Magazine. The premiere issue starts off with an overview of what’s new in Fedora Core 3 (FC3) and there are other articles about SELinux (an extensive security system that is embedded in FC3) and how Red Hat Packages fit in with software installation on a FC3 system. It’s a house organ but that doesn’t automatically make it bad. Check out the articles if FC3 is of interest for you.
It certainly is of interest to me. I used my newly made FC3 DVD to install to my Linux partition over the weekend. I’m looking forward to starting work on a new version of my Fedora Core Getting Started Guide as it has been the first or second most popular page on my website ever since I wrote it. A lot of people seem to think that my graphics heavy, simple instruction format for moving from Windows to a user friendly Linux system works well for them so the new version will definitely be more of the same. My goal is only to make it bigger, easier to navigate and offer much more help.

3 thoughts on “New Red Hat Magazine/Gearing Up For Fedora Core 3

  1. Trace

    How ’bout a link to this “Fedora Core Getting Started Guide”. I mean, I guess I could use the search feature on your main page to find it, but as you well know… I am extremely lazy.

  2. John Munsch

    Sorry. It’s on the articles page: Fedora Core Getting Started Guide
    I edited the original entry to have a link to it since Movable Type doesn’t allow links in these comments (to try and deal with the endless spam I get.

  3. maxwell snort

    I recently made the commitment to a PC decicated to Linux (I found an old PC on the curb someone was throwing out).
    I exhaustively reviewed the characteristics of several different builds to make sure I was selecting one that would well-rounded, useful, and usable on a daily basis (I downloaded a lot of distro’s and found out what each one contained, and as it turned out, which would even load without too much effort, or at all).
    I finally selected Fedora because it seemed to meet my criteria best and have also found your site indispenable in making this decision (Fedora was free, has an easy, complete, precompiled download, an install that works, online updates, and lots of people, like you, who have done it before and will help if I get in trouble or have a question about how to do something).

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