A Better Way To Store Your Bookmarks

del.icio.us is a web based way to store your bookmarks that works better than the folders that your browser supports.
Instead of a simple folders method of storing things, del.icio.us asks you to type in keywords as you add the bookmark to your list. Those tags give you lots of ways to get back to the same bookmark so you are much more likely to find it again when you need it. Those same tags also give you a way to look into what others have chosen to bookmark. Add searching and a way to see all recently added bookmarks and you’ve got an excellent service that you should start using right away.

1 thought on “A Better Way To Store Your Bookmarks

  1. Chad Baker

    Looks like a great way to store a comprehensive list of bookmarks. I usually clean up my firefox bookmarks about every month, just to clean out the ones I haven’t used. With del.icio.us, I could keep them all without cluttering up the important stuff.

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