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As with many things that “lots of people say”, the adage that Java is not or cannot be successful on the desktop is bullshit. Don’t believe me? Take a gander at the top ten most downloaded programs on in any given week. LimeWire is always in the top ten and usually in the top five. Azureus used to accompany it in the top ten but the version that was being distributed over there had had adware added to it by a third party so Azureus now recommends everyone get it from SourceForge instead. What’s that I hear you say? A couple of titles in the top ten most downloaded applications doesn’t make a desktop presence. Well, you know, you are right!
That’s why Sun’s decision to acquire the rights to the Watson software on Mac to make a Java version of it made for another app that could easily reach the top ten or twenty. But according to this weblog entry and this one here from another person who was working on it, that might not become available. Arrrgggh!
Fine. I’m no idiot. Sun has to prioritize and we know they can’t do everything. They have to pick and choose what is the highest priority. But if they can’t find the time to do this one themselves, ASK FOR HELP! Open source the thing and get some help finishing it. It has the potential to be another top twenty program when .NET has, well, none…
So, if what I’m saying has some resonance with you. If it makes sense. Talk about it. Write about it in your weblogs. Make enough noise to get some brief attention from Sun to the idea of giving it out for further development rather than letting it rot on a shelf.

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  1. Scott Delap

    I put this story up on my blog – I also did a little checking with some people I know at Sun. An anonymous source internally, says that Watson / Alameda is going to be open sourced.

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