A Possible Liberal RSS Parser And A Request

I haven’t tried out Rome yet as a RSS parser, I’m still using Informa to handle all my parsing in HotSheet and my new project. I’ve been considering it though and if they add a liberal parser like is suggested here, P@ Sunglasses I think that would be a great feature.
You know another feature that would make a nice benefit to both the Informa and Rome parsers (and anyone else who wanted to use it). An ultra-liberal RSS channel locator like that described here. Anyone needing to pull RSS could then just say, “Type in the URL of the website and I’ll look for RSS feeds.” Then the function could go out and find the list of one or more RSS channels associated with that site and present them to the user for subscription. It doesn’t really do parsing so it would be agnostic to the RSS parsing library it was paired with.

2 thoughts on “A Possible Liberal RSS Parser And A Request

  1. P@

    We’ll do the liberal parser later: it seems like there is no consensus wether this is a useful.
    But we’ll do it, as a subproject, ie not bolted in Rome.
    For the channel locator, Danny’s JTagSoup has been designed to handle that as well (ie parse the HTML to get links and find the feed), but it’s only a start, and there is more work to do to get that to the level of Mark’s Python lib.
    I agree this would be another good subproject.
    Feel free to contribute to Rome if you’re interested:-)

  2. John Munsch

    BTW, I recently learned of the Commons Feedparser (under Apache’s Jakarta group). It claims support for both OPML for the reading and writing of lists of subscribed channels and autodiscovery of feeds given a URL.

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