WONDERFUL Commentary On MSN Music

These days, Apple is taking shots at Real (because Real has broken the lock on the iPod) and Real at Apple (for Apple not “opening up” the iPod to others) and now Microsoft at Apple (same rationale as Real). But it’s all pretty much um, well, I won’t use that word here. But it’s not truthful and this article does an excellent job of pointing out just how misleading Microsoft is being on their website:
Daring Fireball: You Can Choose Any Color You Want, as Long as It’s Black
At present, I love iTunes and I digitized every album Rockelle and I have into it. I plan to get an iPod sooner or later because they clearly have their act together on user interface, which is more than I can say for the RioVolt MP3 CD Player I own, or the Rio memory based player I used to own, or the Real One software I’ve used to play music and books on my Palm. One of the reasons I love the iTunes music store is that I can buy music and then I can use Hymn to unlock it. It is then well and truly mine. I paid for it and they can’t tell me what I can do with it ever again.
Run everything you hear from all these companies through a filter:

  1. Every time someone accuses Apple of not “opening up” the iPod, call them LIARS. The iPod is plenty open to the MP3 format, which is available to everyone. The truth is that they just won’t have their “digital rights management” (code words for you never owning music again) in place on the file if they sell you an MP3.
  2. Apple is not your friend either. They would love it if Hymn did not exist and they didn’t have any competition in either the player or the online music sales arenas.
  3. Any time any of the companies gets righteous about you the consumer and your ability to choose, know that they are only unhappy that they don’t occupy the position of Apple at the moment. And if they did hold that position, their goal would be to figure out how to squeeze every possible penny from the situation.
  4. Napster isn’t Napster anymore. They are pathetic suits who purchased a logo and a name and they know and care as much about music as they care about the people who detail their cars. There is nothing indie, or authentic, or anything about them. Do not pay for their service and if your school is trying to ram it down your throat, you ram right back. They need to go out of business a second time.
  5. Ditto Wal-Mart’s music download service. The quicker that fails the better.