Time For Some Praise

It isn’t immediately obvious if all you look at is the released files directory but jdic: JDIC – JDesktop Integration Components is chugging steadily along. I put the very first bug in for the software, which offers various packages to make it easy to integrate browsers, display tray icons, etc. and now there must be close to a hundred issues which have been put in for it. The great thing is that they have fixed a little more than half of them.
It still won’t bring up a browser inside a window for me on Linux and that’s very important. But all those fixed bugs mean that it’s not going to turn into another abandoned project and when it is released that we can count on support and people striving to make it into a solid library of functionality that I would argue is much needed.

2 thoughts on “Time For Some Praise

  1. RefuX

    “I put the very first bug in for the software”
    Rare is the day when someone is proud of creating software defects 😉

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