Gnome 2.8 On The Horizon

I’m a big fan of GNOME rather than KDE for a Linux interface. This article discusses the changes and improvements in the next version: What’s new in GNOME 2.8?
Now, interestingly enough, that’s due about the same time as the next test release of Fedora Core 3. Which means that it will probably be included in the final version. I was really pretty disappointed with Fedora Core 2. I had a hard time getting a lot of things working that had worked well for me with FC1 and in fact I regretted updating after I did it. Now I’m hoping that with less new stuff in the next release that it will be more stable. It doesn’t look like this GNOME release is a major overhaul, there’s no major new kernel release in this version, maybe it’ll be the release that has me once again loudly signing the the praises of how wonderful Linux can be.