Monthly Archives: August 2004

Nvu HTML Editor

While I’m on the subject of tools, here’s another one you might like. When I’m doing HTML development I used to use HomeSite. It was very straightforward, just a text editor combined with IE. They added some nuances over the years but nothing that special.
When Mozilla came out a few years ago I liked doing HTML work under the Composer app that came with it. Since I don’t run full blown Mozilla anymore (I run Firefox instead) I don’t get the Composer app with my browser. That’s why I like Nvu. It is based on Mozilla Composer but it adds more features. It’ll also install side by side with Firefox so I can have both the browser I like and the HTML editor I like.

Inkscape SVG Editor

At the moment I’m doing some technical illustrations for a project and I needed a good vector graphics editor but I can’t really afford to shell out for Adobe Illustrator. Plus, it would be nice to have the drawings I do be in SVG format rather than locked up in some proprietary format. I N K S C A P E . Draw Freely appears to come from the same stock as Sodipodi but I like the interface better. They have a glitch in the Windows version of it at the moment that can cause a crash after you’ve used it a while but they froze the code so they could fix it. Even without the fix, it’s good software. I recommend it.

Why Is It That eclipse Won’t Print For Me?

Oh, that’s right, because SWT just roxxors. Except when it doesn’t as with this little glitch: Bug 24796 – DCR – No printing on Linux GTK
I develop on Linux and SWT doesn’t have printing support under GTK. It kind of sucks when you want to print out a file and can’t ever do it. However, my Swing apps continue to print just fine. Since the most recent update to this bug indicated that there was still quite a bit of work to go, I doubt I’ll see my eclipse “Print…” menu item ungrayed before this bug hits its second birthday in October.
I know this sounds a little snarky, I’m just a little irritated.

Firefox Praise

I’m sure that if you are here at my site you’re someone interested in Java or Linux and you’re probably already a Mozilla or Firefox user or you’ve at least looked at them. If, by some chance, you aren’t familiar with the best web browser out there, go get a copy of Firefox and try it out.
Get Firefox
Tabbed browsing, fast, standards compliant, popup killing…